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The ballad of DIarmuid and Akira

[10:12] stargirlrp: Diarmuid ran down the hallway, trying to figue out which door would lead to Akira. He knocked on a random door as he held onto the sword. He'd have to ask about the whole hting later on when they returned back home. "Akira?" he called out. "You in there?"
[10:14] Lupin Drake: Akira let out a muffled cry of panic. He had been chained to a bed, his mouth gagged. None of it was too uncomfortable, but he hadn't been able to use any of his powers to get out from them or at least remove the gag.
[10:19] stargirlrp: "Akira?! I'm breaking down the door." He stepped back then kicked open the door. To be greeted by the sight of Akira...like that...on a bed. "Uh...have I interrupted something?"
[10:21] Lupin Drake: He shook his head no wildly, trying to cover himself up as much as he could. "No, get me out of here!" came his still muffled reply, his eyes full of fear. Still, the Hotel was a sneaky thing: slowly working on both of them and repairing the door that was slowly drifting close.
[10:24] stargirlrp: Diarmuid quickly went over and undid the gag and tried ot make sense of hte chains. "Who did this to you? Already, he could think of a few groups.
[10:25] Lupin Drake: "I don't know," Akira said. "You had disappeared and then I was suddenly like this..." Hie flushed deeply. "I am so sorry!"
[10:26] stargirlrp: "What are you sorry for?" he asked quietly as he tried to undo the chains some more. "Um." He got up and grabbed the blanket to cover Akira up a bit more. "I'm here now. Gonna take you back home."
[10:27] Lupin Drake: "Thanks," he replied. "I'm sorry that this is happening. I really wanted you to have a nice time down here."
[10:28] stargirlrp: The chains were proving to be difficult. Remembering the sword, Diarmuid pulled it out. "Your dad gave me this. How's it that he has this?" he asked as he carefully tried to hack at the longer chains that weren't near Akira.
[10:29] Lupin Drake: Akira swallowed. "Well. My da's family has been in Ireland for a long time, going back thousands of years. Um... he's really connected to a lot of the old High Kings. So I'm not surprised that we have that... and kept it a secret."
[10:30] stargirlrp: Things about Akira just weren't adding up. The chains were proving to be difficult. As soon as one was cut, two more grew in its place. "Where the hell are we?"

Of bunny ears and gentle wolves

Midori held her husband gently. The whole ordeal had taken a toll on their boys and had taken its toll on Albion. She knew he still had issues when it came to intimacy but that was quite all right. She kissed along his neck to reassure him and rubbed along his stomach. "I love you."

Good boy: conner and alban, wolf verse

It's been a few weeks since he had taken the dog into his home. The thing was almost as large as he was and made his small flat seem even smaller. But Conner found that he didn't mind the company. In fact, it was quite nice to come home to something other than an empty flat for once or cooking for more than just himself.

They even settled into a routine. He would get up, leave for the university, then come home, cook for the two of them, then go over his notes as he scratched the dog behind the ears or petted him or rubbed his belly. Then the two of them would cuddle on the bed and go to sleep.

"...I haven't even given you a name yet."


Yuuta sighed and looked around the garden he had been weeding. Ireland said he had been working on it for years, along with lots of other nature orientated projects, such as planting trees, and most of the new forests that had been popping up in parks. His scientists were even working on a cure for the most common diseases known to kill trees, especially old oaks.

But... he didn't remember any of it. He didn't remember the soft calluses on his hands, the occasional scar across his arms or legs, the large, dark one on his stomach...

The worst thing he forgot was Ireland himself.

And it hurt knowing that his lack of memory was hurting him.

midori the younger: white rabbit

It had to be one of Merlin's tricks. The boy had barely begun to control his magic and had gotten up to all sorts of shenanigans. Midori turned her head this way and that. She had...bunny ears.

midori the elder: midori the usagi

Midori blinked awake. She was surprised that she found herself in an unfamiliar hotel setting. She thought she was staying at the B&B by Yuu-chan's house. But this. The paintings were lewd. The decor was red and...there was something fuzzy laying around her. She reached and tugged at it, eyes widening in shock. The older woman ran into the bathroom to find that bunny ears were on her person.
Tintagel was silent when the blonde woman crept through the familiar stone corridors of her new home. She had been afraid at first, the Duke had a fearsome reputation to him. But upon the first few months of their marriage, he had proven himself to be a loving soul, one that she easily fell in love with. Tonight, she had not seen him surface from his counsel chambers. Being the dutiful wife, Igraine made her way toward the chambers and knocked on the door.

"My lord?"

eff the fourth wall

Hikaru had the impression that his section of the musebox was lacquered and neat, smelling of topsoil and recycled air. There were doors and windows and more doors - all of them leading away from himself, and all of them leading back to himself. It was a confusing notion at the best of times, so he didn't really think about it.

He knew that the powers-that-be (the puppet master, the player, the mun) liked him and trusted him enough to roam. Hikaru liked that freedom, he really did. There were other fascinating, fully formed, larger than life muses that he knew, that leaked across his lacquered borders and into his part of the musebox.

'Oy!' A voice called out, 'Lemme in!'Collapse )

Silver Millennium

Queen Serenity dismissed her advisors with a gentle smile. She stood and gracefully walked over towards the balcony of the advising chambers that overlooked one of the many palace gardens. The Princess was picking flowers again. The blonde was smiling and sighing.

The Queen was not blind. She knew that her daughter had fallen in love with the Prince of Earth, Endymion. As happy as she was for her daughter to find such a love, she was worried. There had been a lot of talk about a movement on Earth. Many had joined the side of one Queen Metallia. The Queen slightly narrowed her eyes. There was even word that there was a charismatic leader, a priestess that had taken to such a dark force and was leading uprisings across the planet.

Such word hadn't reached Princess Serenity. Not yet. The Queen feared that it would never reach the princess. She gave a barely audible sigh and leaned against a column, mulling over what to do next.